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Environmental protest shuts East Darfur oilfield for 7th day

May 17, 2022

Protestors have maintained a blockade of the Abu Jabra oil field in East Darfur, which has shut the facility for the last week, in protest against alleged chemical pollution.

On Sunday, protesters continued to close the Abu Jabra oil field in East Darfur state for the seventh consecutive day in protest against the failure of oil companies to respond to the demands of the residents of the area.

Yacoub Suleiman, an activist in the field of environmental protection, told Radio Dabanga that the Scharf Company, which manages petroleum operations in the region, has been “practicing injustice and procrastination against the citizens of the region”.

He explained that there was chemical pollution in the region as a result of petroleum activities that did not take into account environmental safety, and that companies did not commit to providing health, education, and water services to the public in the region, in addition to environmental sanitation and employment of the region’s inhabitants.

The protesters threaten to escalate the matter if the companies do not implement their demands.


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