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Mozambique hit by protests against rising fuel prices

July 5, 2022

Thousands of people took to the streets of Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, on Monday to protest against another rise in fuel prices in the Southern African country.

The protests come days after the government announced a spike in the prices of petroleum products.

In the new price list announced on Friday, a liter of gasoline now costs 86.97 meticais (1.34 U.S. dollars) up from the previous 83.30; a liter of kerosene has increased from 71.48 to 75.58 meticais, and the price of diesel rose from 78.97 to 87.97 meticais per liter.

Cooking gas now costs 102.02 meticais (1.57 U.S. dollars) per kilogram, against the previous cost of 85.53.

Monday’s protests in Maputo paralyzed public transport as vehicles were barred from operating and major roads within the capital were barricaded by the demonstrators.

Police were deployed to restore calm in the city.

Like many African countries, Mozambique has been hit by a steep rise in the cost of petroleum products, a situation attributed to the ongoing Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Russia is the world’s second top producer of crude oil.

Trade Embargoes imposed against Moscow have hampered the exportation of the product, thereby partly creating a global disruption.

As fuel prices continue to rise across Africa, many countries are experiencing various ripple effects, including a rise in the cost of living. Countries like Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa have reported a steep rise in the cost of various food products.

Elsewhere, other regions globally have also reported protests against fuel prices.

On Friday, some motorists protested the rising cost of fuel by purposely driving slowly on fast-moving roads in a call for fuel duty to be slashed, just a day after petrol prices hit a new high.


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